The Don’s Been Busy Building

A custom build came my way so I have been off radar designing and building a solution for my other half. He needed a Reptile Rack and the was just nothing out there that looked good, so I said “I can make one” and set to work.

It took while starting with scribbled plans and diagrams through to sourcing the materials needed but I got there and I am very proud of the final product, here are some early pictures…

I’ve spent a lot of time testing cuts and making sure every fixture and fitting works, I’ve got to grips with my new router and finding out how to heat the cabinet effectively. I can safely say now with pure conviction that cuts from foil tape hurt way way more than paper cuts….. in fact as I’m typing now there are drops of blood forming on my finger tips, gross!! I’ve had many a small injury along the way (hammer to thumb, wood on toes and tripping over wires) but my life have I built some guns….. I’ll never reach the arm size of Steve but they are looking good!

Here is the final product…… now back to the building there are at least 2 more styles to complete.

Take care everyone…… The Don!

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