9 months on…. the rebirth

9 months…. 9 long months back in lockdown. Whats been going on? Well I’ve been training and up-skilling to kick start my new business…….. I announce Papaya Phoenix Limited, Orange being my favourite colour and this quote I have always thought was very provoking;

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall – Confuscious

Therefore as a Phoenix rising from the ashes, again I will rise from the ashes of life, from previously fighting cancer to now the battles of COVID-19 and having my midlife career change (crisis ha ha).

You can visit the website at http://www.papayaphoenix.com

I’ve been working hard over the last 9 months doing various online courses to learn carpentry, electrical skills and airbrushing. I’ve also been working a day or two a week with John Stripe over at Boyz Toyz Motorcycle Pro Spray Paintshop, where he has taught me a wealth of information to enable me to start custom painting motorcycle helmets and motorcycle body parts.

I have already made the first two of a five part collection of lamps which incorporate Deer antlers and there are a number of things in the pipeline that are already part made or designed which will be being released over the coming months. Keep your eye our for my “Flamps” that will be released very soon.

That is about all I have in me for this evening, there will be more photos and info on what else I’ve been doing in future posts. Until the next blog update…… toooooo raaaaa for now!


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