A Week of Learning

This week I have been all about learning a new skill and collecting items to do up and sell, obviously with the help of my other half….. I need his muscles. Now we can all go about things with a bit more ease it’s about time I get these ideas in my head out and into the real world.

The blue desk is in its final stages, layers and layers of varnish and sanding to get it to a perfect finished look.

It’s been a bit of a testing week with the dogs…… stomach problems, all three of these little cute things, so I spent a day cleaning up sick and poo, not the most enjoyable 24 hours but I still love them, just. How a dog manages to projectile crap out of their crate is beyond me. It was almost beyond my gag reflex when I saw the mess in the morning, although as the smell hit me in the face, before I even saw the damage I was ready to chuck…… deep dish pizza coming up, without the base!!

Its been a hard day……. Zzzzzz

That all being said I have also started a move to airbrushing, this is a whole world of fun and the main reason I’ve not kept up with the blog. I have my area all set up and practising daily. I am loving it and keenly awaiting my new airbrush to turn up….. the Iwata Eclipse, I am a very lucky lady as this is a special treat from the better half so I have the best equipment to keep going forward with. Thanks also to him and other friends, that I have a number of projects to work on once I’ve got to grips with it.

All that and the diet has started….. see it has been a busy week!! A while ago we started a Ketogenic Diet and had great success, so we are getting back on the Keto train, two days in now and looking forward to my brain and body functioning better, let’s hope the Keto flu isn’t too bad this time round.


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