Weekend Download

Well what a lovely weekend….. probably too much food, no doubt too much to drink. We played a few games of hide and seek which I haven’t played since I was a kid, it was so much fun and great to be childish for a while. Although hiding in a dog crate for fifteen minutes was possibly a bit hard going and finding the other half on the roof was a highlight for sure!

Speaking of him…. my lovely other half and I are very much in to BBQ’ing, we had a shack built in the garden and cooked in all weathers, even did Christmas on the BBQ one year. Steve gained a huge following on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/stevesbbqshack/

Well we ended up developing a number of rubs which we tested on Jay and Tom at Altons Garden Centre https://www.instagram.com/altonsbbqworld/ and Our Local Butcher James https://www.facebook.com/ourlocalbutcher/. The feedback was great but we never really got rolling with production. I did all the packaging design and we have the recipes costed out but never found a company to produce them and doing it all by hand with a small spice grinder just wasn’t viable. We still have a lot of herbs and spices packed in a cupboard as you can see the size of the grinder on the bottom left is small to say the least!

Anyhow…. this weekend I made up a batch of “Lets Just Plucking Wing It” and sent out two lovely packets in the post, it got me thinking about production again, but I could be biting of more than I can chew………..

….. Maybe one day, watch this space.

In the meantime if anyone wants a try its £3.99 plus postage, just pop a message to the Instagram account.

Well that’s all for now, still no diet started but the desk is well underway, I shall post some updates on that this week….. I’m currently waiting for the inlay to dry and see if Mod Podge has done the trick! everything crossed!


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