Going Live

Blimey I used to love that show when I was a kid, good old Gordon the Gopher in the Broom Cupboard, who’d have thought all these years later Mr Schofield would come out of it….. but sadly no, that’s not back on TV its my Blog going live. YAY!! I spent some time today trying to make it all look at least a bit professional and get to grips with things, my little pointer hovered over the button then with a little click it was done……. it is now out there in the world for (everything crossed) someone to read!

I’m still trying to locate photos of my old creations as I mentioned in my first post, I hope to upload them soon but wondering now what’s next, I am poised now ready to get to work on my first proper piece of furniture, a little desk that I picked up and have already sanded down without taking a photo first, here she is now;

I’ll hopefully start laying down the inlay top and paint this weekend, I’ll create a page for this piece once it is complete with info and tips on what I have done. Between now and completion I’ll probably just have a ramble on here now and then….

Oh remember I said about being a bit overweight……. well I’ve started to hate the amazon delivery person, yet again I’ve ordered something to wear from there (what with lockdown happening and not being prepared hit the shops yet) and yet again it is too small!! I think I have collected enough now to make me go on a diet! So the latest item is staying and I WILL fit in to it soon, I am going to get myself and the family on a better diet, I shall call it the “post lockdown diet”. Let’s face it, I bet not everyone has been following these home exercise videos celebs have been posting and have actually been eating and drinking far too much. Well how else can one get through home schooling without a bottle of wine…. pass me a straw please, save the washing up!! :o)


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