Day One….. The Journey Begins

Here I am….. knocking on the door of 40, I have a wonderful partner, great kids, wicked animals and a number of years ago beat cancer. The only thing that is I keep wondering what to do with my career, I have been an accountant most of my life and I’m clearly having what some might call a midlife crisis. I don’t think that is the case only that I am fed up with number crunching and dealing with her majesties revenue services……. so I find myself wondering what can I do that I enjoy and make a living from it.

First off I love creative things, I was always into art at a kid and as I’ve grown I’ve occasionally set out on little crafty things and love DIY. I’ll work out how to add some pictures of things I have done before. But for now I’ll tell you I’ve made pillow cushions from the family members old clothing, done up a telephone table, put up a stud wall and even drawn a portrait of my better half and myself.

So I don’t know where this will take me……. I have just started juzzing up a desk and this wonderful better half I’ve mentioned said why don’t I record what I’m doing and help others to learn my skills, as well as selling the final product. So here I am starting to learn how to do do this and share not just the how to videos but the journey and story of a career change and life of an almost 40 year old slightly overweight woman……….. Dieting mmmm we will talk on that subject another day!!


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